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Compressor Control

Wiring of Electrical control system for an Air Compressor.

Air Compressor Installation

Typical High pressure Compressor wiring diagram and control system, Mt. Meru Millers - Lira.

Earth Moving Equipment

First Service on the wheel loader, at Krima Stone quarry.

Earth Moving Equipment

Assembling a brand new Wheel loader, to be delivered at Krima stone quarry.


Finished wash hand basins

Aluminum Works

Aluminum fabrication works in a custom private residence

Ceiling Piping

Tank installation at the roof/ceiling

Metal Fabrication

Welding works at Site


Piping works at a common washroom at Seminary


Installation of drainage line on a custom residential home.

Water Points

Taking advantage of rainwater by installing 10000L water tanks, at collection points.

Stone Sink

Innovate Stone sink for open/public water point.

Air Compressor

Air compressor maintenance and repair works


Generator maintenance and repair works

Overhead Tanks

Installation and commissioning of overhead stainless steel water tanks.

Solar Heater

Completed Solar heater installation on site.


Aluminum partitioning and structuring of complex rooms